1-room apartment in house „Celsiusstraße 4/8/12“ in Berlin-Steglitz-Zehlendorf

The cosy and functional studio-apartments have around 30 m² of floor space. A kitchenette fits in well with the living room. The bathroom is equipped with a shower. Every apartment has a balcony with a wonderful view of the green surroundings for you to enjoy on warm summer evenings. Everything is at your disposal, a TV set, a coffee machine and the required household appliances

Position information: 
The furnished apartments in southwest Berlin have ideal transport links to Potsdamer Platz and Friedrichstrasse. The Osdorfer Station (S25) is only three minutes from the residential estate, and trains take you directly to the city centre in around twenty minutes. There are shops and specialty restaurants near the station. Forum Steglitz shopping arcade is within a fifteenminutes’ walk. The paths along the banks of Teltow canal are only 600 metres away and are ideal for going on walks, jogging or cycling.


For living areas that fall within the scope of the ‘MietenWoG Bln’ Berlin Rental Cap Law (‘rent cap’), i.e. for living areas not listed as exceptions according to Section 1 of that Law (in particular the exception of ‘publicly subsidised housing’), this apartment listing will always state the rent permitted according to the MietenWoG Bln (capped rent). It should be noted that if the MietenWoG Bln or any part thereof is annulled, suspended, repealed, or otherwise abolished, any higher permissible contractual rent set forth in the German Civil Code (BGB) shall once again be payable and if the annulment or suspension were to be applied on an ex tunc basis, back-payments would be enforced to cover the difference between the capped rent and contractual rent for the entire term of the agreement. It is therefore suggested that tenants set aside appropriate reserves to cover this eventuality as per the recommendations of the Berlin state government.