The Berlinovo Immobilien Gesellschaft mbH (berlinovo) is a large real estate service provider owned by and based in the federal state of Berlin. Founded as BIH in 2006, berlinovo manages in his own name the portfolio of 23 real estate funds comprising 294 properties, of which about 99,5 % are currently owned by the federal state of Berlin.

berlinovo stands for versatility and innovative capability, as well as for entrepreneurial vision and responsibility.
In 2012, the complex group structure has been simplified in a sensible way, the corporate capacity has been augmented, and tasks have been rearranged in a clear manner. Simultaneously, the full risk shield provided by the federal state for the former BIH has been dropped.

berlinovo is an advanced and success-oriented real estate company owned by the federal state Berlin, focusing on the management of assets, properties, and funds as its core competencies.

It’s all in the name: berlinovo is innovative, reliable, strongly positioned, and future-proof.

Our clients – tenants and business partners alike – can continue to trust on a reliable partner and on an experienced, flexible, and performance-oriented team actively looking for creative solutions for anything concerning real estate.

In essence, our values and standards can be described as such: