WEG Administration

The WEG team (WEG = "Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaften" [communities of flat-owners]) is active in the sphere of housing real-estate management, its core competence being administration.

At present 9 employees actively manage 70 proprietor associations. These associations embrace more than 8,521 apartments with a total area of 482,000 m², and 284 commercial units with a total area of almost 105,000 m².


Our employees are professionally well-versed real-estate specialists who can fall back on an average of more than 15 years of professional experience. Regular qualification and training secure the high quality of the administrative work.

This high quality is reflected in the reappointment of the administration by the proprietor associations. The stocks in question have been looked after by us for over 16 years, on average.

The Services We Provide

In a community of flat-owners all of the desires and expectations of the owners must be harmonized. We support you in reaching the right decisions. The highest priority is the sustainable maintenance and value development of the community-owned property.

Our services include the following:

  • administration in the interests of WEG, the statement of partition and the conjointly reached decisions, taking account of current judicial rulings
  • preparation, implementation and recording of meetings of owners and of advisory meetings
  • implementation of the decisions reached by the owners
  • commissioning and supervision of maintenance measures
  • analysis and individual planning of the provisions for maintenance
  • processing of insurance damage
  • optimization of the running costs / supervision of all community contracts
  • regular invitations to tender for performance, such as cleaning of the building, servicing of the building, road services in winter, etc.
  • supervision of the cleaning of the building, of the caretaker, of the road services in winter, etc.
  • setting up and maintaining trust accounts for the ongoing administration and a fixed-term deposit account for the maintenance reserve
  • current liquidity control
  • invoice controls / processing of invoices received
  • settlement of payments involving third parties / booking of payments / payment disposition and instigation of electronic payments
  • collection, management and, if necessary, reminding about rent subsidies / initiation of housing-subsidy processes
  • preparation of annual invoices and economic plans in keeping with the statutory specifications and the current judicial rulings
  • auditing with the advisory boards
  • close cooperation with the advisory boards